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How to find out traffic to your WordPress site

In this article, I will answer two fundamental questions. The first is how to measure website traffic and find out all the detailed information about visitors. The second question is how to monetize traffic with advertising from one of the largest companies in the world, Google.

The basis is a WordPress website (free)

If you have a website with WordPress content management system, I know a super plugin that finds out all this and creates a simple plugin installation. Instructions on how to create a website with the WordPress content management system can be found on the page Add a PR article or Instructions for installing WordPress in just a click (WebFree) page. You can then simply install the plugin (a new feature of the site) using the information contained in the article How to install a WordPress plugin (new feature).

What can be measured

You can easily measure the number of unique visitors, how much time the visitor spent on the site, how many visitors repeatedly return, how many visits each site has, where the visitor came from, what country the visitor comes from, what device the visitors use (PC, mobile, tablet, ..).

Search insights

Not only is it possible to measure website traffic from different points of view, there is much more to be learned. I consider this part to be an even more important analysis of visitors. You can easily see how many people saw your link in search, how many people came to your site through the search engine, and which articles generate traffic from the search engine. In addition, you will find out what is the average placement of all indexed articles in the search engine.

Earnings with advertising

A plugin can do much more. So we know that traffic can be easily examined to create a detailed view of your website traffic. Of course, you can monetize it with advertising. The plugin can automatically insert it into a website with wordpress content management system after installation and application. You just need to link the plugin to your Google account (Adsense) and the profits are already generating themselves.

Installing a plugin on WordPress

You install and apply the plugin after logging into the administration of the WordPress content management system. Select then select »plugins« and »plugin installation« where you can search for it under the name Site Kit by Google.

WordPress Tutorial

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