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Automatic translation of WordPress into a foreign language


Thanks to the mentioned plugin, you can easily translate your website for free into the most used foreign languages in the world. Translate uses an automatic translation service from Google. This plugin makes translations affordable for everyone. It is free and has been removing language barriers to websites since 2008.

Automatic translation into all languages

With the plugin, even a foreigner can read your content on the website. A total of 103 foreign languages available, which can make your website accessible to up to 99% of all Internet users. So you can also get foreign traffic. Take advantage of this plugin and act globally for the whole world. Every visitor is valuable.

Quick translation loading

Compared to other plugins that use website translation, a cloud-based approach is used and this does not slow down your website. This is good from an SEO point of view. The page loads faster and that's a plus.

Paid version with indexing

The free version will automatically translate your website into a maximum of 103 languages. However, you can do much more with a premium account with the plugin. This is to create translations in all 103 languages that will be indexed by search engines. This means that text in a foreign language will appear in search results such as or Google. This is a premium feature that in many cases can pay off as an investment. So you can get a lot more out of your written content.

You can download and apply the plugin in your WordPress administration. In the category after logging in »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« search for the plugin under the name Translate WordPress with GTranslate.

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