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Basic advice on how to blog on the Internet


Anyone can create a blog. But before that, you need to consider a key question: what will the blog content consist of? Can I express my personal opinion? Will it bring any professional topics, political opinions and commentaries? Of course, you can adjust the focus of your blog over time, but having a clear idea will help you build a loyal audience faster. Now it's time to fill your blog with text and pay attention to its visibility. First, you need to choose a topic as the content of your entire blog. The topic must interest you, inspire you and it is recommended to know something about it. Only then will writing inspire and entertain you, the main prerequisite for success.

It's also a good idea to look at some successful and established blogs and try to deduce what attracts their readers. Most likely, this is a combination of the following factors:

Quality content – Blogs should be based on original and readable text of reasonable length. The style should correspond to the author's theme and personality. Be inspired by success, but don't try to copy anyone, be yourself. Avoid any offensive or extremist posts.

Regularity – A blog is basically your baby. As you know, children need attention and care. Depending on the topic, choose a suitable interval for new posts (at least 1-2 every 14 days) and try to stick to it. Be prepared that the road to success can be long.

RSS – Create an RSS feed on your blog (more about it in a separate text dedicated to RSS feeds). Although today's readers follow bloggers primarily through social networks, some still use RSS readers. Make it easier for them to get an overview and access to new content.

Comments – Starting a blog requires not only content creativity, but also the courage to go to market with your skin. In particular, the Internet audience is key and does not hesitate to share their impressions. So always stay in perspective and do not take anything to heart, in short, sarcasm is a common expression on the web. If the criticism is true, consider whether it can help you improve. Do not shy away from confrontation and appreciate your positive comments. Even the knowledge of authors responding to feedback motivates readers to visit regularly.

Interesting design – don't judge a book by its cover, they say. However, if a blog goes unnoticed at first glance, readers often leave before they even appreciate its content. Fortunately, nowadays you don't have to be a web designer to deal with it. Most blogging services offer various templates and other visual customization options.

Social Media – Social media has a lot of influence, so be sure to share your articles there. Maybe people who don't normally come to your blog will read them.

It's strange, but most sites don't have blogs where they post useful up-to-date content that would bring new leads to their site. In my opinion, blogs are the best long-term traffic generators ever.

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