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Basic WordPress plugins that every website must have


A list of plugins that every website created in the WordPress content management system should have. Are you worried about the fact that there are many plugins on WordPress and you do not know which one to install first? So this is the main topic that we will clarify in this article. You'll find out what basic plugins almost every website uses on WordPress. There is also a description of the plugins, which we will describe here. I recommend installing these plugins for better work with this content management system for free.

Traffic analytics and Google advertising

A great and at the same time the best plugin for measuring traffic. It records the most important data about visitors to a website with WordPress installed. Necessary for good traffic analysis. In addition, the plugin offers earnings from advertising from Google. You simply create a new account and apply ads to your website. Earnings are not only for clicks on the ad, but also for the actual display of the ad from the paid system. The plugin I'm talking about here is called Site Kit. I describe more about it in the article The best plugin for WordPress to work with traffic data.

GDPR personal data protection

You can learn exactly what is GDPR in the article Explanation of what GDPR is privacy for. In short, this serves to protect personal data. Protects against unauthorized misuse. This can be bank card information, contact details, and so on. For the Czech Republic, the Cookies Act (GDPR) was already in 2022. I write more about this event in the article Why it is important to have a cookie policy on your website. The plugin that sets your cookies for you is called GDPR Cookie Consent.

WEBSITE SEO optimization

Is the term SEO new to you? In that case, read How to make a flawless SEO search engine optimization. You will learn in the article the most basic practices to achieve great results in search results. Quality SEO generates important organic traffic from search engines. The best PLUGIN that exists on SEO for WordPress sites is All in One SEO. The plugin will create files such as sitemap.xml or robots,txt. In addition, the plugin will do a free SEO analysis of your website with just a click and advise you on what else needs to be improved. More about this plugin in the article The most used WordPress SEO plugin for free.

Fast loading of a web page

Both SEO and the loading speed of the website itself is also important from an SEO point of view. The faster your website is displayed to visitors, the better impression you will make with search engines such as Google and Seznam. They can bring you a lot of organic search traffic. Use the plugin to clear the cache of the site and this will speed up. For more information, see How to easily speed up the loading of your website. Slow loading of the site will only discourage visitors. Especially those with slow loading of web pages data. A plugin that will clean up the so-called Plugin for you. The cache is called W3C Total Cache.

Contact form

The right website should also include a contact form. It is essential for every functioning of the website. It is used for communication with visitors and possibly clients. Writing just a text email to some place on the web is too complicated. The visitor or client has more work to do with sending a response or offer. Give them comfort and create a contact form for simple messaging. The plugin is subtitled Contact Form 7. I write more about this plugin in the article Best contact form for WordPress for free.

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