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Top 2 Forms of Advertising Earnings for Webmasters


Today we will introduce in this article 2 best forms of earnings for website owners. If you own a website, you can easily monetize it. However, such a website must meet several conditions. The most basic is that the site should have some traffic. In the case of a few units of visitors, you don't make much money from advertising. However, this may not matter so much. You can put ads on your website in any case. That is, even with zero traffic. The problem is that your website will not make any profits. You can increase your traffic by posting quality and valuable content that will always find its followers. That's in a nutshell. About how to increase website traffic, I write in other articles.

Google Adsense

Let's try to take into account that your website already has a decent traffic. How to monetize such traffic sufficiently? The best way to earn a few extra crowns from the site are so-called banner ads. Among the largest and most successful company in the world that deals with these things is, of course, Google. It already operates in several countries and can therefore be considered a global company. It offers quality search and ads in it. Even ads from popular YouTube networks are from Google. You too can have an ad from Google today, and not just for your project. You can also display ads using Google on your website. All that is needed for this is a top-level domain (www.ná, www.ná, ..). All websites on subdomains (www.název-webu.ně, www.název-webu.ně, ..) are rejected. If you meet this essential condition and have purchased your own domain, bravo! You can try it today. All you need is the »Site Kit by Google« plugin. You can find the plugin in every WordPress administration in the "Plugins" and »Plugin Installation" categories. If you do not own a website that runs on the WordPress content management system, you can register with Google Adsense and paste the short HTML code into your site. The system pays for ad views and clicks on ad content.

A-ADS crypto advertising

A-ADS also seems to be a great system It works on a similar principle as google Adsense, which I introduced in the first paragraph. You insert a short HTML code on your website and a banner ad from the system will appear in the same place. You are rewarded for displaying a unique visitor. This means that if your visitor has not already seen the ad on another page, you will be paid. Only unique visitors are counted. You can rest assured because not many Czech or Slovak sites are offered in the system, so it is quite possible that all your visitors will be unique and you will get paid for all. The reward is therefore determined by the number of unique ad impressions, and another factor is that the more clicks on the banners, the greater the subsequent reward. Don't look for rewards in ordinary money here. This system pays out a little differently than usual. The payout is in the form of the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin to your Bitcoin wallet. Selection possible from 100,000 Satoshi. You can register and start earning on the page.

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