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Best cache plugin on WordPress website


Litespeed cache is a web acceleration solution that reduces the loading time of web pages. LiteSpeed Cache is a product of LiteSpeed Technology for optimizing dynamic content on websites. It has advanced caching and optimization features. LiteSpeed Cache is also available as a plugin on several platforms including WordPress. In addition to caching, LiteSpeed Cache is a great optimization plugin that does almost everything you need to properly optimize the speed of your site. In fact, it’s so good at optimization that this plugin alone can turn your low Google PageSpeed Insights score into a very high 90s score.

Faster site loading

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin is a free all-in-one website acceleration plugin. The plugin is designed as a server-level caching engine and is designed to work seamlessly with the LiteSpeed web server. In addition to powerful cache management tools, LiteSpeed Cache also offers several optimization features that can significantly reduce page load times.

Best free cache plugin

The Litespeed cache powers more than a million dynamic websites. Instead, LiteSpeed Cache offers a lot of features and lots of customization options, allowing you to customize everything to your liking. No other plugin will give you that. And the server-level caching capabilities in LiteSpeed Cache surpass all other caching modules. That in itself says a lot. The LiteSpeed Cache plugin is a free plugin that you can get from your WordPress repository.

The plugin is free to download in any WordPress administration. You can find it after logging into the administration in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« under the name »LiteSpeed Cache«.

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