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In this article, I will answer your questions about keyword analysis. Let’s talk about what keyword analysis is for and where to analyze a website for free. There is also a brief description of how to work with the keywords that the FREE SEO analysis tool generates for us.

What is keyword analysis

With the help of the analysis, we can get a so-called proposal of what our website should be about and what it should definitely contain. Keywords are words that people search for using a search engine like Seznam.cz or Google. Thanks to them, people will find your potential website. The online tool we will introduce will help you with content creation in case you no longer know what to sleep about next for your new posts.

What keyword analysis can tell you

By analyzing keywords, we will find out primarily what people are looking for, to what extent, what phrases and combinations, and it is up to us to use this information as much as we can ourselves. The free online tool will help us analyze these words completely free of charge. In the case of multiple possible attempts to search for the search phrase, you can purchase a premium membership. It is important from the point of view of traffic to create content such as the analysis advises us, especially according to the search for specified phrases. The more searched words, the more likely you are to get more traffic if we occupy the best possible places in the search results ranking. Of course, the more searched words you choose, the harder it will be to overtake possible competitors. Getting traffic to fewer search words and phrases is easier.

Online keyword analysis tool

The tool also works for Czech search words. Simply insert a word on your website www.neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ such as WordPress plugin and the website will show you the matches you are looking for as you see in the image above (Best WordPress plugins, WordPress plugin Gallery and so on). The most searched ones should be included in your website if your written phrase is related to your content on the site.

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