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Best Free Text Editor on WordPress

Tinymce advanced is a plugin that provides advanced features for editors. One of the main advantages of the WordPress content management system is the TinyMCE text editor. Someone will not let it go, another will swear at it, but the truth is that without it it is more difficult to publish. However, after installing WordPress, TinyMCE has more “buttons” than basic buttons. Of course, more experienced users can take advantage of these features, but for the average blogger, there is a premium tinyMCE plugin.

The most famous post editor

Its WYSIWYG editor is surely familiar to everyone who has encountered WordPress management. TinyMCE is easily extensible and open source. We will extend it by creating our own simple TinyMCE plugin, to which we will add a button to insert a short code. Simply put, it is a code that, when inserted into the editor, performs some function. It is most commonly used to render parts of HTML that would otherwise not easily make it into the editor output.

Add content management buttons

However, for an ordinary user, entering codes may not be pleasant. Therefore, it is best to limit this task to clicking on the buttons that this plugin itself creates when writing new posts. It can be said that with this plugin you will make tinymce a full-fledged WYSIWYG editor without editing any code.

The plugin can be found in every administration of the WordPress content management system. It is available for download in the categories »Plugins« and »Installation of plugins«, which you can find after logging in. Search for the plugin under the name »Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced)«.

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