Website development in WordPress: The most used free content management system

What is WordPress


Today, advanced users can create a simple WordPress website themselves. It has a number of ready-made graphic themes. Some are completely free, some are paid. Most hosts today can install WordPress with just a few mouse clicks. After that, you choose a suitable topic, configure the basic parameters of the site, and the site can be used basically normally. Then you just need to create a website and possibly articles. The basic functionality can be extended using plugins. Like themes, plugins are available for free and paid.

Free WordPress CONTENT Management System

WordPress started as an editing system designed to create or edit blogs quickly and easily. Over time, however, its scope has expanded to include the creation of e-shops or simple websites.WordPress is the most widely used open source editing system written in PHP and MySQ. It is very versatile and is especially suitable for web presentations of entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies. It is also possible to build a smaller e-shop on it, which can be connected to the website. It is also widely used to create blogs and magazines.

Blog, professional presentation or eShop

WordPress is the most popular open source content management system in the world. Currently, more than 30% of websites use it. Since WordPress is free, you don’t have to pay for the development of your own editing system or for its development. WordPress is the most widely used content management system today. It provides users with very fast and intuitive website creation without knowledge of HTML or CSS. CMS (Content Management System) WordPress is distributed completely free of charge and can be easily accessed by anyone who wants to easily and quickly create a simple personal website, blog or professional presentation for an online store or small and medium-sized business.

Tutorials, plugins and themes

On this site you will find a number of the most important tutorials on WordPress for free. There is also a large list of plugins in your native language (Czech, English, Slovak). Available and responsive Czech, English and Slovak templates for download and use completely free of charge. This website is dedicated to the WordPress content management system so that everyone can create a website for free.

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