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How to Create a Free WordPress Contact Form

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It is no longer fashionable to write an email for possible messages. Today it is necessary to have a contact form. In this article, you will find out how to create a simple contact form that sends messages to your specified email from website visitors. Thanks to the contact form, visitors no longer have to copy emails from websites. They can send a message to your email and leave theirs for a possible reply.The contact form also contains spam protection (so-called spam protection). Captcha). It also works with the Akismet plugin.

Publication by shortcode

All you need to do is download, install and activate the plugin. Subsequently, select the form in the WordPress site administration as needed and use the so-called WordPress website. Insert ShortCode at your chosen location. For example, you can create a page, insert a ShortCode with a contact form into it, and publish it in Menu. ShortCode can be inserted into a text field in any WordPress website text editor. It is such a shortcode for inserting various plugins.

How to create a contact form in WordPress

You can find the plugin by searching in each WordPress site administration under the name Contact Form 7 (in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation«). Install and apply the plugin. Create as many contact forms as you want and post anywhere on the web with a shortcode in the text editor menu.

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