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How to create a Free WordPress Discussion Forum

Creating a discussion forum for a website with wordPress content management system installed for web content management with administration has never been easier. All you need to do to create a discussion forum is to install a WordPress system and add a plugin with a ready-made discussion forum. You can then freely edit the forum and easily manage it directly in the WordPress administration. If you don't have your own website yet, you can easily create one and install the WordPress CONTENT Management System for free (WordPress installation guide in just a click (WebFree).

What the forum can do

In the discussion forum can create an unlimited number of new topics, use tags, manage posts from visitors, set favorite discussions, follow selected topics or you can use the forum search. You can change the URL names for each section of the forum in the plugin settings.

How to create a forum in WordPress

This plugin is available for free. You can find it after logging into the administration of the WordPress content management system in the category »Plugins« and »Installing plugins« using the search. You can find the plugin under the name bbPress.

After searching, downloading and applying the plugin in the WordPress administration in the »Settings« and »Forums« category, set the basic options of the plugin and especially the names of the URLs by which you will then find the forum itself. For example, you can add the forum URL to Menu.

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