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ENVATO ELEMENTS: a comprehensive feature library for WordPress


ENVATO ELEMENTS is a revolutionary⁤ tool that brings endless possibilities to creative creators. It is a plugin that provides access to an extensive library of subscription materials, including templates, graphics, photos, videos, and other content that you can easily use to create your projects. ‍This plugin is a veritable repository of resources for all creators, from graphic designers‍ and designers to website developers.

What the ENVATO ELEMENTS plugin can do

The ENVATO ⁢ELEMENTS plugin offers access to an extensive library of ​more than 2​​ million digital assets that you can use to create your projects. Available​​ content includes​​ website templates​​, plugins, graphics, photos, videos, sound effects and much more. The plugin allows for easy content search and browsing and easy integration into your projects.


ENVATO ELEMENTS is an indispensable tool for all creators who are looking for quality and professional resources for their projects. Instead of ⁤having to ⁢spend hours or even days searching for and purchasing individual components​​ for your projects, you can easily access​​ all materials through a single interface. ENVATO ELEMENTS allows you to save time and make your creation easier.

What are the benefits of using the plugin?

Extensive content library: The plugin offers a huge number of resources that you can use when creating projects.
Simple search: The plugin ⁤allows you to easily browse ⁤and search for content according to your needs.
Easy integration: All resources can be easily integrated into projects, whether they are web pages or ⁤graphic designs.
Saving time and money: ‍You can avoid the tedious search and purchase of individual resources, which leads to saving time and money.

Similar plugins like ENVATO ELEMENTS

There are several similar plugins that offer similar services ⁢as ENVATO ELEMENTS:

  • Adobe Stock Plugin
  • Fotolia Plugin
  • Shutterstock Plugin

Installing the plugin directly in the administration

Installing the ENVATO ELEMENTS plugin is very simple:

  • Download the plugin zip file from the ENVATO ELEMENTS official site.
  • Go to the administration of your ⁤site and click on the plugins section.
  • Click the “Add New Plugin” button and select the⁢ downloaded​​ zip file.
  • The plugin will be installed and then you just have to activate it.
  • After installation, you will be presented with the ENVATO ELEMENTS panel where you can browse and search for available content.

Conclusion: ENVATO ⁢ELEMENTS plugin is an invaluable ⁢tool for all creative creators who want to access a wide range of professional content for their projects. No matter if you are a graphic designer, web designer or developer, this plugin will will facilitate creation and allow you a whole range of new⁢ options. Just register for ENVATO ELEMENTS, install the plugin and start creating without limits.

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