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In the article you will read about how to send a bulk email to all or selected registered users. In this way, you can send newsletters in bulk and create a newsletter subscription on your website.

Subscribe via email

Today, no one can do without their own email. It's slowly like a letterbox that offers a great way to make yourself known and constantly keep in touch with your site visitors. With the help of emails, nothing escapes visitors. Keep their attention on your website, mainly because of traffic and eventual sales (for example, in e-shops). Fans of the site will surely appreciate it.

What the plugin offers

Thanks to the plugin, you can send a new email to users in bulk directly from the WordPress content management system. You will find a lot of preset email patterns that look professional. Before you send a bulk email to a user, you need their consent. Simply send it to the user's mailbox using the plugin and he must agree to receive the newsletter. It then becomes a valid recipient of new email messages. You can send emails endlessly. First of all, it is good to mention that excessive spamming can lead to blocking messages from the recipient, so it is advisable not to write too many messages and write only the most important.

Plugin installation

The plugin is available for the WordPress content management system and the demo version is free. You can search for a new add-on after logging into the WordPress administration in the »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« categories under the name MailPoet. Download, install and use the plugin without any worries.

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