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Free PR article

Take advantage of inserting a PR article on my website (free publication). Thanks to the PR article, you will get a backlink. PR articles are the best form of link building. The more quality backlinks to your website, the better your search position and this can increase traffic. Your page rank will improve. PR articles also serve as advertising and website promotion.

Free PR article promotion

Now you have the possibility to publish your PR article on the front page of the website (side top part) until another one is approved, in which case every visitor has a chance to see your PR article (especially when reading articles). Publication in the extracts of all the latest posts is a matter of course, and your SEO articles can be found in the PR articles category.

How to add a PR article for free

You can publish a PR article for free using the form shown below. All information must be filled. You will be notified of approval or non-approval to the specified email. Publish a new PR article for free. I guarantee quick approval of your original PR articles.

Conditions for PR article approval

In any case, the PR article should be unique (do not post the same one on multiple sites). It should be comprehensive and detailed. Of course, it should be positive to attract people. Up to 3 backlinks for one website can be placed in one article. A condition for approval is also the placement of a backlink (text link, banner, icon, ..) to your website with the URL address kubassi.cz. If you fulfill this, you can look forward to the soon publication of your PR article with a backlink. The backlink must be on your website before approval. If I can’t find it there, I will contact you at the email listed in your account registration. After meeting all the necessary conditions, your PR article will be approved.


If your website no longer corresponds to the published PR article, it will be deleted (especially a non-existent page, etc.). If the backlink to my site is not on your site, the article will be deleted or disapproved.