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How to best secure your WordPress website

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When it comes to WordPress security, Sucuri is my favorite tool. It is one of the most trusted names. When it comes to security, this company really needs no introduction. They provide a powerful plugin to secure your website and WordPress server.

What the plugin offers

The Sucuri Security control panel has a major check that checks the integrity of your core WordPress files (and warns you if any of them have been tampered with). This is because if a WordPress file becomes corrupted, it will have a different size and structure than the original file. Sucuri is a hosting service that filters traffic before it reaches your website. It has a wider feature set than Wordfence and has the best cost-benefit ratio on the market. Scanning also takes place remotely.

Premium version

You can also upgrade to the premium version of Sucuri (starting at $199.99 per year) and get additional features like a website firewall, DDoS mitigation (so hackers don't try to overwhelm the network with malicious traffic and make it down), SSL Support certificate, and more.


There are several plugins that can help you secure your WordPress site. In this article, I would like to recommend Sucuri Security. I have known this service for a long time and I have seen it represented in lectures and overall I think it was successful and reliable. Also, its basic version is free and provides a great plugin for WordPress that is both control and prevention.

You can find the plugin under the name »Sucuri Security« in every WordPress administration in the categories »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation«.

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