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What the ideal article should look like


The format of the article is not strictly given, but it is advisable to follow certain recommendations. The article should have about 2 standard pages and should have a clear structure. It is advisable to use lists, bullets and, of course, subheadings. Articles should be readable and full of interesting information. If the content of the article really doesn't need it, get straight to the point and drop all the basic definitions and standard introductions. The headline should also provide relevant information about what the visitor finds on the page.

What should be the article

For an essay to have a beginning and an end, you need to be clear about what you're writing about, who you're writing to, and what you want to say to the essay. If you know this, you can prepare an outline for your essay – something simple that you will gradually stick to so that the essay has a head and a heel. The title should ensure that the beginning of the article grabs the reader's attention and draws them into the topic. Already the first paragraph provides the reader with information about the content of the article, whether he will be interested in it and whether he will also read it.

Use anchors for long links

Anchors in articles work when you highlight them and place them at the beginning of the article. This makes sense because the articles are long and people usually want the anchors to navigate perfectly to specific parts of the article. Therefore, the anchor created the information structure of such an article.

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