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How to create a social network in WordPress


Want to have your own social network? With a plugin that we tell ourselves about, it's easy to handle. Just install and set the redesigned plugin in the WordPress administration. This will then create a classic social network with all the basic functions. Developers have tried to make it as easy as possible to use social networking software, and extensions with a number of additional plugins are also possible. This allows you to create your first social network of your own with everything.

What does a social plugin know?

Registered users can create profiles on your website, have private conversations, communicate in groups and establish new social contacts. That means it's like a typical social network that we can imagine. So you can set up a social network as such a community either private (friends from school, work,..) or public (a group of people with the same interests, etc.) to communicate peacefully with a person at the end of the world.

What will be the appearance of the social network?

You can edit the appearance of your or the new social network. You can choose from several preset looks that are available for free download for this plugin. A number of nice looks are offered that look professional. Of course, you can create your own style and edit templates. To do this, more skills are needed in terms of creating a website to make everything look favorable.

The plugin can be downloaded under the name BuddyPress in each administration of the WordPress editorial system using searches in the category "Plugins" and "Installing plugins".

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