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How to edit your WordPress login page


How to change the logo of the login page of a WordPress site? How to resize the login table? How to change the background colors and fonts of the login page? We will talk about all this in this short, concise article.

Change administration down to the smallest detail

Have you installed the WordPress content management system and are you currently dealing with the latest details? Adjust this small detail to perfection and change the login and registration of new users to the smallest detail. This detail can play an important role to the perfection of any WordPress site. A lot of companies want to have their company logo everywhere. Simply insert it into the login page.

What can the plugin do?

Background, font color, logo and size of certain parts. All this can be easily adjusted. You can select your picture as the background, or replace it with an animated background instead of an ordinary background color. Just upload the video as the page background. You can completely design the colors yourself. There are also sizes of certain parts such as font, logo size, tables and so on.

Other additional plugin options

What if visitors spam the site with invalid registrations? You can prevent this with reCaptcha (spam protection). This plugin secures the website and is part of the plugin, which is of course free. You can also change the shape of the buttons even after you hover your mouse, add welcome messages, and much more. It is a suitable plugin even for the most demanding users.

You can find the plugin in every WordPress administration immediately after logging in in the category »plugins« and »plugin installation«. You can find it using a search under the name »LoginPress | Custom Login Page Customizer«.

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