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How to Perfectly Secure Your WordPress Site from Hacker Attacks

Secure your WordPress site from malicious Malware. Available and effective firewall protection. This plugin that we are going to talk about is the most comprehensive website security plugin available, which includes a lot of other features such as two-factor authentication known as 2FA. It is the most used plugin for web protection.

Available Firewall Protection

The firewall identifies and eventually blocks malicious traffic. It is the most widely used plugin to protect the site, especially since it is maintained by a large team focused on the greatest possible website security created in the WordPress content management system. The plugin protects your website and reduces its load. By using this plugin, no one can steal your data.

Malware protection

The built-in malware scanner blocks everything that is harmful to your web content, especially malicious code, for example, after applying a new and unknown plugin. It also protects user accounts by preventing re-and-unauthorized login attempts (password cracking). In this case, user accounts will be less vulnerable to attack. The plugin checks all files, plugins or themes for malware and prevents seo spam, site redirects or insertion of malicious code.

Absolute control over the site

The plugin will notify you of any errors and problems. You may get a notification to cancel plugins or if the plugin is out of date. You can check this with just one click by turning on scanning. Have your security status evaluated to see if everything is in perfect order. You will see detailed information about the current security, which you can easily solve quickly. You can set up a so-called alert, which you can have sent to your e-mail or SMS. All hacking attempts can be monitored in real time. You will also find out the IP address, which you can then block.

You can find the plugin in every WordPress administration in the "Plugins" and »Plugin Installation" categories, where you can search for the plugin under the name »Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan«.

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