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How to secure your WordPress site from attacks


Safety is not absolute. This is an ongoing process and as such should be managed. Safety is all about reducing risks. The risk is not eliminated. It’s about using security controls that are best suited to cover risks and threats to your site.

How you choose to host your website is important and you should proceed with caution: Your decision will determine the specific security controls you need to implement. This means that you (the owner of the site) will be responsible for tightening up your installation, which is why this guide is so important.

Manage your website security and firewall.

Classic Firewall classically protects your network from attacks from the public network to the local network. However, it is not uncommon for some users to install software on their computers that contains malware. This malware usually tries to find a suitable target on the network (routers, cameras, IoT products…), which may have weak or factory passwords. If it finds such a device, it usually uploads its code to it, giving it the ability to carry out further attacks on the network independently of the original infected PC.

Inventory of network hosts and resources pointing to the Internet – Network security starts with understanding what’s in your system, how it works, and why you need to protect it. It’s also important to check your network for unknown or unauthorized devices that may pose a risk. For example, computers that are not in your network inventory can be used for attacks.

Protect your site from attacks

Therefore, the best way to protect your site from unwanted attacks is to use proven plugins and licensed themes. Another defense is quality web security, but also quality error-free code. I try to regularly educate myself in the field of safety and quality of website production. I know very well what the possibility of hacking is.

Today, the Internet is full of threats. Attackers try to take every opportunity to obtain sensitive data and attack foreign computers. The basic rules of protection are to have an updated computer and all programs, strong antivirus software, and always be vigilant when clicking on links in emails, especially when browsing the Internet. It is OpenDNS that makes it easier for us to browse the Internet safely.

Install the »All In One WP Security & Firewall« plugin to secure your website from hackers. You can find it in every WordPress administration in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« under the already mentioned name.

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