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Back up and restore WordPress data that leaves you at ease


Have you ever heard of backing up a WordPress site? It's very important! If there is an error in a web page, it can be difficult to find and fix the error. With a backup, you can rest easy. Back up your entire site and save your files to the cloud on Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. You can also do it on FTP or email. And all this for free!

The most popular backup plugin

This plugin is active on more than 5 million websites around the world. It is therefore the most popular and top rated in the category for backing up webpage files. An easier and safest way to protect a website. Indeed, this plugin has the best. The plugin has been tested on over 3 million websites and has had great results that it still has today. Using this plugin is simple and saves a lot of time and effort with fixing unexpected errors.

Why it's good to do data backups

I do not recommend taking risks. Back up your files or lose all your efforts and investments from one day to the next. There may come a day when someone attacks you (hacking) and your website crashes. Also, something can happen to your hosting company, so it's a good idea not to lose anything by backing up. Without backups, you can really lose everything. Sometimes an update can go wrong. This plugin will keep your website safe. You can back up your files, including your database, to the cloud and restore them with just one click.

The plugin is available for the WordPress content management system. It is available for download in every WordPress web administration in the Plugins and Plugin Installation categories. You search for it under the name UpdraftPlus.

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