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How to achieve better results in search engines

What is website rank? Rank is such an evaluation of the quality and importance of the site that primarily determines the popularity of the page. Various aspects of the site are evaluated according to Google Pagerank, Seznam SRank, Alexa Rank and so on. The three ratings are the most important and respected. Their resulting value will affect the search positions for specific search queries. This can lead to more traffic to your website. The better the ranking, the better the site is likely to be placed, and the site offers quality backlinks (recommendations from other sites through a link to the site).


The main indicator of a great rating of Pagerank and Srank is the acquisition of high-quality backlinks. The more sites that link to the target one, the better ranking we get. It is important to have really high-quality backlinks from successful websites. Not every website will offer a valuable backlink, and in some cases it can even do harm.The values are updated every 3-6 months after the site is created or changed. You can get up to 3 backlinks using the information on the Add PR Article page.

The most important is Alexa rank, Pagerank and SRank

Alexa Rank is a rating that determines how high the traffic to a website is. The more traffic to the site, the smaller the value of Alexa Rank. It's a good indicator for choosing a site's price when selling, or for determining if a backlink to my site from such a site is worthwhile. SRank has similar ranking criteria to Google Pagerank (backlinks and site SEO settings). The only difference between SRank is that it evaluates only Czech and Slovak pages written in their native language.

Analyze site ratings online

You can check your website's rank rating online by visiting www.pagerank.czin.eu (Pagerank), www.pagerank.jklir.net (Alexa rank). You can find backlinks leading to your website for free on the website www.moz.com which also rates sites (Moz rank). Moz rank is a similar way of measuring as Google and can be predicted according to it the most important rank of the Google Pagerank website if your site is new (Pagerank is updated every 3-6 months).

Get quality backlinks for your website and you will achieve a satisfactory rating of your website. I would skip the registration of the site link in the Internet catalogs. A much better modern variant of today's times is to create the so-called. PR articles with backlink. You can learn more about PR articles and where to register your website for free in the article Current list of 13+1 places where to insert PR articles for free. What will affect your position in search is also described in the article SEO rules that will increase organic traffic to the site.

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