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How to add facebook messenger to WordPress site

Chat and communicate with your visitors on your WordPress site using Facebook chat, which is called more than Facebook messenger. This plugin, which we will talk about in this article, allows you to create an online live chat in real time on your website. For example, you can chat with your customers who are currently on your website. Received messages will be displayed on your Facebook account, where you can also reply to them. Your visitors can send you a message at any time.

Offline mode

You can also set up the plugin to display preset questions and answers. This is a good idea to use when you are not available. A visitor can continue the conversation even after they leave your website. The reply will then be sent to his Facebook account or the message will be available on the web for 24 hours. A great option to keep in touch with website visitors or as a good online support.

How can a visitor connect?

After installing and applying the plugin, a chat messenger icon will appear on your WordPress website, where you can send a new message. A visitor can get an answer to their Facebook account if they fill it in when they start a conversation. It doesn't matter if the visitor doesn't have a Facebook profile. He can also use the anonymous option if the profile simply does not have it or does not want to be associated with it in any way.

You can find the plugin using the search under the name Facebook Chat Plugin in the WordPress administration in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation«. To create a Facebook fan page for the plugin, you need to go through it with the plugin.

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