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How to create a point system on WordPress


A great way to increase user engagement and activity on your website is definitely a points system on your website for free. In order to have this system on your website, you need to have a website with wordpress content management system installed. Instructions on how to do this can be found in articles such as How to easily create a new WordPress website (Endora), Instructions for installing WordPress with a simple click (WebFree), How to modify a WordPress theme appearance, Czech WordPress themes, Basic settings of a new WordPress site, and so on. Of course, you can find all the gadgets in the Web Creation category.

Install a new WordPress feature

So how to create user scoring for wordpress content management system? The article How to install a WordPress plugin (a new feature) can help you (in case you do not know how and from where to install the plugin in the WordPress content management system). Then we easily find, install and activate the WordPoints plugin in the WordPress administration.

What the plugin can do

The plugin offers so-called activity rewards in the form of crediting points for registration, visiting the website, publishing a post, inserting a comment, uploading media and so on. The advantage can also be that the WordPoints plugin can also be used for the BB-Press discussion forum (WordPress plugin), which will credit points for creating a new forum, creating a new topic or leaving a comment. You can increase the activity of visitors by applying this plugin and, for example, reward the most active user with some interesting rewards. User activity is valued and this is one way to help yourself easily. The number of points for the selected activity is up to you and you can also set a description of the credited points (what the points are for).

WordPress Tutorial

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