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How to Add Related Posts to WordPress Articles


YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is a website plugin that allows you to display related posts on a page. This plugin is very useful for websites that have many articles and want to improve the user experience of their visitors.

What is YARPP and how does it work?

YARPP works by analyzing the content of your posts and looking for similar articles on your site. It then displays these related posts at the end of each article. This plugin can be set to only display posts from the same category or topic.

How to install and set up YARPP on your site?

Installing YARPP is very simple. Just go to the Plugins section of your website administration and search for the YARPP plugin. Then just install and activate it. Setting up the plugin is also very easy. Just go to the Settings -> YARPP section and there you can set various parameters, such as the number of related posts or the display method.

What are the benefits of using YARPP for websites?

One of the main benefits of using YARPP is improving the user experience of your visitors. This plugin makes it easy to navigate between similar articles on your page. This can lead to more minutes spent on your page and a lower bounce rate. Another benefit is that this plugin can help increase page views and thus ad revenue.

What are the best practices for using YARPP?

A best practice for using YARPP is to set it up to display relevant related posts. It is also important to set the number of related posts so that it does not affect the page loading speed. You can also experiment with different display methods, such as a list or grid.

What are the alternatives to YARPP and how do they differ?

There are several alternatives to YARPP, such as Related Posts for WordPress or Contextual Related Posts. These alternatives differ in the way they work and in the features they offer. It is important to choose the plugin that best suits your needs and requirements.

Conclusion: YARPP is a useful website plugin that allows you to display related posts on a page. Its use can improve the user experience and increase the number of page views. It is important to set it up correctly and experiment with different ways of displaying it.

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