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How to Add Stripe Payment Gateway to WooCommerce


WOOCOMMERCE STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY is an amazing plugin that brings a modern and efficient payment interface to your WooCommerce e-shop platform. This⁢ plugin allows you to accept payments directly on your website using the secure Stripe payment gateway. In⁢ this article, we’ll look at ⁤what this plugin can do, what its benefits are, and why you should use it.


The WOOCOMMERCE STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY plugin is a way to receive payments online using the ⁢Stripe payment gateway directly in⁤ your WooCommerce e-shop. This plugin‍ provides a simple and secure ⁤payment interface for ‌your customers, ensuring payments are fast, ⁢ smooth‌ and easy. In addition, it is integrated with all other WooCommerce features, such as order management, invoicing and tracking of postal shipments. With the WOOCOMMERCE STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY Plugin you can accept payments by card, ⁢payment card, Apple Pay and other modern​​ payment methods provided by Stripe.


There are many reasons why you should​​ consider using​​ the WOOCOMMERCE STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY plugin for your e-shop. First of all, this plugin allows you to offer your customers modern and secure payment options, which are important for the success of your business today. Thanks to the seamless integration with WooCommerce, you will also save a lot of time and effort when managing orders and payments. The WOOCOMMERCE STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY plugin also offers a wide range of features, such as the ability to set up different types of payment methods, manage return channels, and support multilingual websites.

What are the benefits of using the plugin?

  • Simple integration with WooCommerce – easily accept payments on your e-shop
  • A secure and⁤ modern payment interface for a better user experience
  • Support of different ‍payment methods,‌ including payment cards, Apple Pay and others
  • Integrated​​ with order management, invoicing and​​ mail tracking
  • Option to set multilingualism


  • PAYPAL FOR WOOCOMMERCE:​ Plugin for receiving ​payments ⁢through the PayPal payment gateway
  • AUTHORIZE.NET FOR WOOCOMMERCE: Payment acceptance plugin with support for bank cards, eCheck and other payment methods
  • BRAINTREE FOR WOOCOMMERCE:⁤ Plugin for⁤ accepting⁤ payments through the Braintree payment gateway

Installing the plugin directly in the administration

  • Go⁢ to the administration of your WooCommerce e-shop
  • Click the “Plugins” tab and then “Add New”
  • Search for “WOOCOMMERCE STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY” and click “Install”
  • ​After installing the plugin, activate it and go to the settings page
  • Here you can make the necessary settings, such as connecting to your Stripe account and configuring payment options

Conclusion: The WOOCOMMERCE STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY plugin is a great⁢ tool for accepting payments on your WooCommerce e-shop.​​ It offers modern, secure and efficient payment options that will improve the user experience of your customers and make it easier for you to manage orders and payments.​​ With the plugin With WOOCOMMERCE STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY you will have a competitive advantage and increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers. Be sure to also consider other similar plugins that offer similar benefits. Installation and configuration is simple and takes place directly in the administration of your e-shop.

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