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How to Add a Call Button to a WordPress Site


Would you like your visitors to call you so that they do not have to fill in and look for a contact form on the website? If they are on your site using a mobile phone, it will not be complicated. Thanks to this plugin, they can call you.

Call to part of the site button

The plugin generates a call button for all visitors from your mobile phone directly to the bottom of your website. It is only available to mobile visitors. Get a call at the click of a button. With this plugin, your visitors can forget about the complicated copying, pasting or memorization of a phone number. It couldn't be easier. The setup is very simple. Enable and enter your phone number and that's it!

Customizable button appearance

If you want to add any text to the button, you can. Text entry is completely optional, and if you leave it blank, visitors will see your editable and beautiful looking circular phone button. You can easily change the color of the button and the overall look and move it to any part of the web page. You can also choose subpages where the button will be visible.

Premium plugin version

The premium version of the plugins offers much more. You can add more features such as SMS, email, WhatsApp, Maps, links and so on.

You can find the plugin in every WordPress administration in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« immediately after logging in. You can search for it under the name »Call Now Button«.

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