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How to Add a Widget to a List of the Most Read WordPress Posts


Have you ever thought about putting an overview of the most read posts published on your WordPress content management system on your main page? In this article we will talk about how to simply add this function to the widgets section.

What are WordPress widgets

Widgets, as you probably already know, is a section where you can add all sorts of things. You can add an advertising banner to the widget section, but also, for example, fb page, links, tags, post categories and so on. Actually, you can put anything you can think of there. One option is to add to your Page a list of the most read posts you've already published. The plugin itself recognizes which ones they are and adds a list of them to the widgets section (usually in the sidebar).

How to add a widget

After installing the plugins, you can add this function in the category »Appearance« and »Widgets«. You'll find the plugin installed and add it to your existing widgets. You can choose how many posts are displayed plus some minor details. That's enough. After that, everything should be displayed correctly as you set it up.

You can find the plugin under the name »WordPress Popular Posts« using a search in the WordPress administration in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation«. Activate the plugin and, as I mentioned earlier, in the »Appearance« and »Widgets« categories you will add to your publication.

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