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How to Change WordPress Site Font using Google Font


Do you have a template that is imperfect? Now you can make it even better. Just install the plugin and change, for example, the font of subtitles, texts, links and so on. All thanks to fonts from Google, which offers up to an incredible 998 kinds of letter styles.

The Road to Perfection

The content of the site should look excellent at first glance and even more perfect at the second. The text should look beautiful so that it catches the eye and the visitor has the desire to read the article to the end. This depends primarily on the content, although appearance is also very important. Format the text to make it look as professional as possible. There are definitely things that simply do not change and you will need the appropriate experience and especially knowledge. This is not the case with the text. You can easily change it using the plugin you install.

Easy to use

Don't stick with one font. It's boring. The plugin will show you a live preview when editing the font. So you can see the results immediately. You can play with styles and perfect them. When you're done editing, you can save and publish your changes.

You can find the plugin under the name »Fonts Plugin – Google Fonts Typography« in every WordPress administration in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation«.

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