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How to clear your WordPress cache


WP Super Cache is available for free download in the official WordPress repository. This plugin no longer has such a sophisticated and pleasant UI, but theoretically it can be recommended even to beginners, because when you turn it on, a simple mode is activated, which turns on simple web caching.

What the plugin can do

In short: WordPress “renders” the site every time a user visits it. However, this dynamically “rendered” page can be cached to load faster on repeated user visits. WordPress basically uses this technique in several places where it operates. However, with dedicated plugins, you can further increase the level/amount of cached data.

Why this plugin is great

It offers many options – in addition to “caching” it can also minimize HTML, CSS and Javascript to improve page performance. Gzip compression is just as good. In the free version, it provides everything you need. But you can also buy a paid version, which can do much more. In addition to WP Fastest Cache, there are, of course, other widely used plugins such as: WP Super Cache or WP Rocket (paid plugin).

You can find the plugin in every WordPress site administration in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« under the name »WP Super Cache«.

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