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How to stay in control of every WordPress update


Every WordPress site owner knows this. Every moment there are new and new updates. The more plugins, the more updates we have in a given month. Updates are very important. Especially because of the safety of use. We should focus on updates so that we do not have technical problems later, for example. The advantage may be that we will know exactly what updates are being made. We can disable some or enable some automatically. All this and much more offers a plugin, which we will describe in this short article.

Detailed update settings

The plugin offers management of updates to installed plugins on your WordPress site. Suitable for anyone who wants to keep track of their updates. You can disable one-click updates or enable them all. The plugin offers very detailed settings regarding updates. Another option is to choose the time when updates should be performed automatically to avoid downtime. You can choose which updates are done automatically and which are not.

Update confusion

You should use this plugin especially if you have installed many plugins. After all, updating your WordPress content management system with a few plugins is not difficult. This is a solution for those who have dozens of plugins on their site. Some plugins are updated monthly. This can accumulate in a few days and there is confusion. Install and try the plugin. Keep track of what's happening on the web and automatically set up updates to suit you.

The plugin that will tidy up your updates and perfectly set what will happen on your website and when is called »Easy Updates Manager« and can be found in every WordPress administration in the »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« categories.

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