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What is an RSS URL feed and how to use it in WordPress


Do you want to learn what a good RSS feed is and what an RSS feed is? I will advise you on how to use the RSS feed of various websites or how you can even use it if you own a website with the WordPress content management system installed. RSS feeds will be absolutely clear to you after reading this short article and you will finally find out how to use the full potential of RSS (in case you are still groping).

What is an RSS feed and what is it for?

RSS feeds serve on a similar principle as an e-mail box for your selected messages, especially from websites. Today, you can also create your first newsletter subscription from any site on the Internet that uses RSS feeds and maybe it will be my page. You can subscribe to the newsletter on the web and add more. Thanks to this great gadget, you will not miss any content on the Internet and what is so great about it? You can use it on your mobile device. All you need is a simple mobile application for RSS.

Mobile app for RSS

You can already download the RSS app. My tried and tested application, which I tested on Android (I'm sure the AppStore will also find it), was called Aggregator RSS News Reader. All you need to use is to download the application and in the menu add (plus button) your new source of information for your chosen website that uses rss feed. Surprisingly, you only need to enter the basic version of the URL (for example, and the RSS feed will be automatically searched for and the latest posts of your chosen website will be loaded. With this already modern function, you will not miss anything!

RSS feed for WordPress content management system

Do you have a website with wordpress content management system installed and do you also want to use an RSS feed for your visitors? How to deal with it and implement it on your website? In that case, I have one surprise for you. No WordPress website has to set up or rebuild an RSS feed. Every WordPress website has had an RSS feed set up since the beginning of its existence and works without intervention. The only thing you need to do to get new readers through the RSS feed is to let them know about the RSS feed that you have something like this too. So what else to wait for? You can try it after downloading the app.

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