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How to create a menu in WordPress


The menu is one of the most important elements of a website. A properly designed and functional menu makes it easier for visitors to navigate the website and allows them to quickly access the required information. In this article, we will look at how to create and customize a menu in WordPress.

What is a menu in WordPress and why is it important?

A menu in WordPress is a list of links used to navigate the website. It may contain links to different pages, categories, posts or custom links. The menu is important because it allows users to easily access the content of the website and improves their user experience.

How to create a main menu in WordPress?

Creating a basic menu in WordPress is easy. First, login to your site administration and go to the “Appearance” -> “Menu” section. Here you can create a new menu and add to it links to pages, categories or custom links. You can then assign the menu to a specific location on the site, such as the main menu or sidebar.

Advanced menu customization options in WordPress

WordPress also offers advanced menu customization options. For example, you can change the order of the links, add a submenu, or change the appearance of the menu using CSS. These modifications require knowledge of basic programming and working with code.

How to add icons to a menu in WordPress?

Adding icons to your WordPress menu can improve the visual experience and make the site easier to navigate. There are several ways to achieve this. One of them is to use a plugin that allows you to add icons to the menu. Another option is to use CSS and font icons.

Tips for effective organization and management of menus in WordPress

For effective organization and management of menus in WordPress, it is good to follow a few tips. The first tip is to keep the menu simple and clear. Don’t overload it with too many links to make it easy for visitors to find their way around. It is also important to regularly update the menu and add new links if the website content changes. It is also a good idea to test the menu on different devices and browsers to ensure proper display.

Conclusion: Creating and customizing a menu in WordPress is an important step in creating a website. A properly designed menu makes it easier for visitors to navigate and improves their user experience. In this article, we’ve shown you how to create a basic menu, how to use advanced customization options, how to add icons to a menu, and we’ve also provided tips for effective WordPress menu organization and management.

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