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How to Create a WordPress Header and Footer in Elementor


The ‌ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER plugin is⁤ a tool that allows users to easily create their own ⁤awesome ⁢headers and footers‌ on their ⁤ websites. This plugin is very useful for developers, but also for regular users who don’t know how to code. With ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER, you can ‍customize your website to be unique and⁤ attractive.


The ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER plugin allows you to create and customize your own⁤ headers and footers on⁤ your website. You can choose from a variety of predefined templates or create your own design. This plugin is ⁤very flexible and easy to use. You can edit ⁢elements ⁤such as text, ⁤images, ‍icons or buttons. It is also possible to insert dynamic content, such as user names or the current date and time.


There are several reasons why the ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER plugin is beneficial and why you should use it. First, it allows you to edit headers and footers across the entire site from one place, resulting in greater consistency in the design of your pages. The second advantage is the possibility of creating a unique look for your website without the need for coding knowledge. The ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER plugin is also fully responsive, meaning your headers and footers will look great on all devices.

What are the benefits of using the plugin?

  • Ease of use: The ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER plugin is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Customization: You can ⁤custom design⁤ headers and footers to match your style.
  • Templates: The plugin includes many predefined templates that will make it easy for you to create professional headers and footers.
  • Support and Updates: ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER has a strong user community and regularly receives updates that improve its functionality and security.


Besides ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER, there are several ‍other similar plugins that⁢ allow you to create ​your own headers and footers.⁤ Among them​ are ‌BEAVER BUILDER HEADER FOOTER or WP HEADER AND FOOTER. Each of these ‌plugins​​ have their own features and if ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER does not suit your needs, you can⁢ consider ​​these​​ alternatives.

Installing the plugin directly in the administration

To install the ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER plugin directly in your WordPress admin, follow these steps:

  • Log in ⁢to‍ your website’s admin interface.
  • Go to the “Plugins”‍ page and click “Add New”.
  • Search for the ‍”ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER” plugin and click the “Install Now” button.
  • Activate the plugin after the installation is complete.
  • Now ‍you can start ⁤creating ⁢your own amazing headers and footers⁤ with the ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER plugin!

Conclusion: ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER is a great tool for creating your own amazing headers and footers on your website. The plugin‌ is easy to use, customizable and brings many benefits. Regardless of whether you are a developer or a regular user, ELEMENTOR HEADER & FOOTER BUILDER will allow you to create a unique design and increase the attractiveness of your website. Definitely worth a⁢ try!

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