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How to create an interactive digital publication in WordPress


DearFlip plugin is a modern and innovative tool that allows you to create interactive digital publications on websites. This plugin allows you to convert static content on websites into a dynamic format that is attractive and entertaining for users.

What is the DearFlip plugin and how does it work?

DearFlip is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create digital publications such as e-books, catalogs, brochures, flyers and more. The plugin supports various file formats such as PDF, JPG, PNG and more. The DearFlip plugin allows users to interactively flip through publication pages, zoom in and out of images, and much more.

Benefits of using the DearFlip plugin on your website

The DearFlip plugin offers many benefits for websites. One of the biggest benefits is improving the user experience. Users have the opportunity to browse publications interactively and thus get to know the content better. Another advantage is an increase in the conversion rate. Digital publications are attractive and engage users, which can lead to higher sales of products or services.

How to install and use DearFlip?

The DearFlip plugin is easy to install on WordPress websites. After installing the plugin, just upload the publication files and create a shortcode that will be inserted on the page. Users can interactively browse publications and use various functions such as zooming in and out of images.

Examples of websites using DearFlip

The DearFlip plugin is used on many websites around the world. Examples include e-books, product catalogs, flyers, and more. The plugin is popular among publishers who want to offer their publications in a format that is modern and attractive to users.

Comparison of the DearFlip plugin with other similar solutions

The DearFlip plugin differs from other similar solutions in that it offers many features and personalization options. The plugin allows you to create publications in different formats and offers many functions such as zooming in and out of images. DearFlip is also easy to use and install on websites.

Conclusion: DearFlip plugin is a modern and innovative tool for creating digital publications on websites. The plugin offers many features and benefits that improve the user experience and increase the conversion rate. The DearFlip plugin is easy to install and use on websites.

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