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How to Create Custom Snippets in WordPress


If you run a website, you have probably already encountered the problem of how to display a short snippet of an article or post on the main page. The standard snippets offered by WordPress can be limited and do not allow you to take full advantage of the options. Fortunately, there is a solution – Advanced Excerpt.

What is the Advanced Excerpt plugin and how does it work?

Advanced Excerpt is a tool that allows you to create custom excerpts for your articles and posts on WordPress websites. The plugin offers advanced settings options that allow you to adjust the length of the excerpt, add “Read more”, display certain text formatting and much more.

Main features and benefits of using the Advanced Excerpt plugin

The Advanced Excerpt plugin offers several key features and benefits:

1. Ability to set the length of the excerpt: The plugin allows you to set the maximum number of words or characters to be displayed in each excerpt. This allows you to control exactly how long the snippet will appear on your page.

2. Adding “Read More”: The Advanced Excerpt plugin allows you to add a “Read More” link that allows visitors to expand the excerpt and read the entire article. In this way, you can increase interaction and increase the time spent on your website.

3. Text Formatting: The plugin supports various formatting options like bold, italics, links and more. This allows you to adjust the appearance of the snippets to fit your design.

How to set up and customize Advanced Excerpt to suit your needs

Setting up and customizing the Advanced Excerpt plugin is easy. After installing the plugin, just go to the settings and select the desired options. You can set the length of the excerpt, add a read more link, and adjust the text formatting to suit your needs.

Examples of using Advanced Excerpt on different types of websites

Advanced Excerpt plugin is suitable for different types of websites. For example, if you run a blog, you can create short excerpts of articles that engage readers and make them click through to the full article. If you run an e-shop, you can create product snippets that contain key information and convince visitors to buy.

Alternatives to Advanced Excerpt for viewing edited excerpts

There are several alternative plugins that offer similar functionality to Advanced Excerpt. The most popular ones include “Excerpt Length Control”, “Read More Excerpt Link” and “Custom Excerpts”. Each of these plugins has its own unique features and benefits.

Conclusion: The Advanced Excerpt plugin is a great tool for displaying edited excerpts on your website. It offers advanced setting options that allow you to customize the extracts according to your needs. Regardless of whether you run a blog, e-shop or any other type of website, the Advanced Excerpt plugin will help you engage visitors and increase interaction on your website.

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