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How to create a multilingual WordPress website including indexing

Do you own a WordPress website and would you like to have traffic from a foreign country? How about turning a Czech website into a multilingual website in another language and getting visitors from Slovakia, for example. You will learn how to get free traffic from all over the world with the condition of a good knowledge of the selected language.

Automatic translations are not indexed

Certainly! There is an automatic translation of the website and a plugin that can do this is free to download. It will do everything for you automatically and for free. But what's the problem? Automatic translations of web pages are not indexed in search engines. This means that you only target visitors who enter the search queries in the language of your website.

Multilingual website

Each website has its primary language and according to it the origin of its traffic. However, you can also create a site in several languages at the same time. If you create a translation in the same way as you create the primary content (i.e. create a separate article in that language with a specific address), you can also target Slovak visitors, for example. With the help of Google Translate, we can easily translate already finished or future articles and it will definitely not be a big problem. In this way, you can easily create a Slovak version and possibly multiply the traffic to your website coming from search engines.

Plugin for translating the site for free

There are a lot of plugins for the WordPress content management system. Some can do everything for you. These are mostly paid and their use costs considerable monthly fees. But let's talk about the free version. It's nice that this can be done with a click, but it's also good to imagine a free version without investment. As I mentioned a few lines above, we can easily achieve this with the help of a compiler and provided that we have at least a little command of the language. An example is Slovak. I think that every Czech can write the same text in the Slovak language. The compiler makes it even easier. This can be used by anyone who owns a website with wordpress content management system in all known languages.

How to add a plugin to WordPress

The plugin is available for free download. You will save considerable monthly fees and get traffic from abroad. You can find the plugin after logging into the WordPress administration in the »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« section under the name Polylang.

With this plugin, you can easily choose your preferred language and clone every post and page you create. You must translate the text yourself. This plugin solves the multilingualism of the site. Not the content itself. Easily insert a version in another language and visitors will find your content from another location.

You can also insert flag icons of selected languages on the website. It can also translate automatically, and its main super feature is that it indexes your content for other countries as well. If the content is available in the visitor's language, it will automatically convert it to a version in the visitor's language.

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