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How to make WordPress accessible only by entering a password


Most website owners want as many people as possible to see their content. But what if we only want to make content for a limited group of people this time? The solution is to secure the site with a password. Every time someone comes to your site, they will see a password form. If the person doesn’t know it, they won’t see the content. This makes it easy to disable content. You can protect your site with a single password.

Perfect fit

You can customize the form with the password entry field to your liking. You can paste any text, such as instructions for entering a password. You can add your website logo to the form. Of course, you can change the colors, background or font. To prevent spamming on your site, Google reCaptcha (so-called spam protection) is available. This is important from a safety point of view.

Plugin options

Who will have access to your website is decided only by you! You can choose to have only site administrators or logged-in users access your site. They do not have to enter a password after logging in. You can password protect any type of posts, pages and you can exclude such content from your RSS feed (every WordPress website already has RSS). You can also set a limit on the number of sign-in attempts. This is important if someone wants to guess the password. The limit will prevent this. You can also monitor all login attempts (valid and invalid). There are data about the visitor’s country, IP address or, for example, the number of login attempts.

You can add this feature to your website if you own a website with WordPress content management installed. If so, you can install a new plugin in each WordPress administration (in the »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« categories). You can search for the one I mentioned in this article under the name »Password Protected«.

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