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How to easily customize the navigation on your WordPress website


PageNavi is a plugin that helps you create a multi-level website from posts. You can customize the navigation of your site by adding links to different pages. It comes with pre-configured layouts for different types of content. You can also configure what content users see on each page.

What can be set up

When creating a new site using PageNavi, you can choose between several pre-built company templates. or create your own. Themes help you design your website with a specific look and feel using ready-made elements and layouts. You can then customize each element to suit your needs. For example, you can change the logo, background color, font style, and other page elements to match your company’s brand. Once your theme is ready, you’ll be able to publish your new website – no coding required! You can add navigation links to each page using the built-in PageNavi features. You can link to different types of content, including articles, posts, Pages, categories, and tags. Each link type has its own set of options that allow you to easily highlight specific areas of your site. You can also assign links to individual pages or groups of pages within your site using labels and path settings. Once you have created links for each page or group of pages, you can assign them to specific menu locations using the path settings. Your links will then appear as clickable icons on every page of your site!

Setup guide available

Another useful feature of PageNavi is its ability to create customized websites for any purpose. You can use the plugin wizard mode to quickly create a new page template with basic settings such as category and tag associations, logos, and text elements. You can then further customize this page template by setting up labels and paths. Once you’ve finished editing your page template, you can publish it directly from the plugin interface! This allows for a quick way to create web pages for use within other plugins or themes.

The most popular tool of this feature

The Page plugin is an excellent tool for creating intuitive navigation systems within any website or online application. It provides many useful features that make it easy to add links or customize specific areas on your site! In addition, when used with wizard mode and custom templates, PageNavi allows you to easily quickly create any web page you want!

You can download the plugin with these functions in every WordPress administration under the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« under the name »WP-PageNavi«.

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