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How to customize user roles in WordPress


How to easily edit and change registered users' roles? How to set the available options for each site visitor? We will talk about this in today's article. You can freely change the permissions to the displayed options. For example, you can disable or enable for a certain group of people where they can and where they have access banned, especially in WordPress administration.

Simple plugin management

Simply tick which skill shelf visitors can use, save everything and you're done. Choose from scratch the settings that suit you or copy existing roles. You can delete unused roles and leave only those that visitors actually use. The set role is then automatically assigned to each visitor from the selected group of people. You can also choose a combination of multiple roles at the same time.

Enable or disable displayed information

Manage access for people who can edit posts, Pages and more. The specified group may have such a feature open, others may not, and may be denied access. It is advisable to use it for registered users who take care of the content of the site. You can also control which posts are shown to certain people and which aren't.

You can find the plugin for managing user roles in every WordPress administration after logging in in the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« using a search under the name User Role Editor.

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