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How to embed a PDF in a WordPress post


Do you have a PDF file and would like to upload it to a post on your WordPress site? We will describe how to do it in this short article. Sometimes it is necessary to insert a PDF file directly to the post, whatever it is. However, insertion can be a nut to crack. Today, yes. There is a solution. The advantage can be easy insertion of PDF files and then publish it to any post or page on WordPress content management system. Just install this great and useful feature and you can start editing. There is much more features that this plugin can do. Let’s talk about it in the next lines of the article.

What are PDF files?

PDF files were invented by Adobe back in 1993 and are still used today. In short, in English it means portable document format. Such a document can be viewed by anyone, regardless of the hardware or software of the viewing device. Everything can be displayed. You can have just about anything in a PDF file. From images to any text. This means that you can put a book, paper, contract, presentation, and so on in a PDF file. The possibilities are numerous. Although it may seem to us that it is quite old, it is used extensively to this day.

Perfect responsive look

Uploaded PDF files on their pages have a responsive appearance. This means that it is compatible with every web browser, including mobile devices and tablets. The appearance adapts to the size of the browser and this means that it will always look nice and without flaws. Of course, you can adjust the size yourself. It is necessary to mention that embedded PDF files do not burden the loading speed of your website (important in terms of SEO).

If you already own a website with WordPress installed, try creating this feature for your website. All you need to do is install a new plugin. You can find it in every WordPress administration under the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« under the name »PDF Embedder«.

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