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How to improve the appearance of OceanWP template⁤


The OCEAN EXTRA plugin is an amazing tool that can enhance your website and add new features and options. ‌This is ‌the⁢ template management plugin⁤ OCEANWP, which is one of the most popular and powerful WordPress themes. OCEAN EXTRA expands the possibilities of this template with even more⁢ functions,⁢ which ⁢ will allow you to maximize all the advantages of OCEANWP.

What can the ‍OCEAN EXTRA plugin do?

The OCEAN EXTRA plugin brings many useful features and extensions to the OCEANWP template. The⁤ main options include: the ability to ‌customize individual pages​​ using layout and⁤ display settings, the ability to add new widgets and basic features to extend your site, as well as the ⁢ability to add​​ additional styles and codes to further personalize​​ the template.

OCEAN EXTRA also offers several other improvements, such as integration with popular ⁤plugins, the ability to import and export site settings, as well as easy access to updates and support directly from your site administration.


OCEAN EXTRA is a great help⁤ for anyone who uses the OCEANWP template and wants to maximize its potential. Thanks to this ⁢plugin​, your site⁢ will become much more functional and attractive for your visitors. You can customize the look, add⁤ new elements⁤ and‌ extend the capabilities of your website. The plugin is also easy⁤ to use and contains many user-friendly features that will make it easier for you to manage your site.

Additionally, OCEAN EXTRA is developed by OCEANWP developers who have⁢ rich ‍experience in all aspects of website creation and management. Thanks to this, you can expect high quality ⁤ and fast​​ updates that will not let⁤ your site fall behind the ⁢ competition.

What are the benefits of using the plugin?

  • Extends the ⁤options of the OCEANWP template with additional features
  • Easy management and⁢ site customization
  • Addition of new widgets and options to expand the ⁢website
  • Integration with popular plugins
  • Ability to import and export page settings

Using the ​OCEAN EXTRA plugin, you get not only a simple and effective way to extend the functionality of the ​​OCEANWP template,⁢ but also more freedom in customizing and managing your site. Its advantages are more than​​ convincing⁤ and thanks to the ⁢wide range of functions, it will make it easier for ⁢everyone to manage their website.

Similar plugins like OCEAN EXTRA

If you are interested in the ⁤OCEAN EXTRA plugin, you may also consider the following similar plugins:

  • Elementor – a multipurpose page builder for WordPress,⁤ that lets you create and customize pages with the exact look and feel without the need to know code.
  • Beaver Builder – another popular page builder with an intuitive user interface and plenty of predefined templates and elements.
  • Yoast SEO – a search engine optimization tool that helps you get⁢ a better position in search results and improve the visibility of your site.

Plugin installation‍ directly ‍in the administration

Installing the OCEAN EXTRA plugin is very simple and can be done directly in the administration of your website. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your website’s admin interface.
  • On the left side of the menu, click ​”Plugins” and then “Add New”.
  • Enter “OCEAN EXTRA” in the search field and click “Find Plugin”.
  • Click the “Install”‍ button next to the OCEAN EXTRA plugin.
  • After successful installation, click the “Activate” button.

With this simple process, you can install the OCEAN EXTRA plugin and start enjoying its benefits for your website.

Conclusion: OCEAN EXTRA Plugin⁢ is⁤ a powerful and useful tool to enhance⁢ the OCEANWP template. It adds ⁤new features, options ‍and extensions to ⁢this⁢ popular template, allowing you to use its full potential. The benefits of using this ‌plugin​​ are manifold and its installation is quick and⁢ simple. If you’re using the OCEANWP template, consider using the OCEAN EXTRA plugin and see how it can improve your site.

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