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SEO rules that will increase organic website traffic


There are a lot of rules that determine how much traffic to your website will be. This is mainly traffic from searches used primarily by Czech users such as the Google search engine and Seznam. Imagine that you enter a certain topic into the search and you see a website that writes about that topic. The website that appears in the first position will be the one that gets the most visitors for the searched query. This is exactly what I will write about a little in this article. Each of us can have high traffic thanks to paid advertising from different companies. Let's talk about ways to do this for free.

The content of the site itself

In order to be visible on the Internet, it is necessary to have unique content. This can be considered, for example, actually written article, own pictures and the like. Copied content from other websites will not get you to the top of the search. In addition, you are carousing about trouble. Today, it is easy to find out with the help of various online tools whether the content is unique or not. This, after all, reduces the importance of the site compared to other sites that offer something that is not elsewhere. In order for search engines such as Google and Seznam to think that someone is constantly taking care of the site and to be able to place the site in a better position, it is necessary to have constantly new content. Ideally every day or at least twice a week.

Title, description, robots.txt, sitemap.xml

It is very important that there is an appropriate headline and description of the content everywhere. This is exactly what a potential new visitor from a search engine will look for, provided that we have the best SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a generic name for site parameters affecting its search rankings.
For search engines, it is good to have a robots file.txt (information for search robots) and a sitemap.xml (a web page map for search robots).

Plugin All In One SEO and Yoast SEO

Now I will describe how to subsequently simply apply the information in this article to your website for free. Specifically, I deal with the topic of creating a website with the WordPress content management system. If you don't have one, instructions on how to create one for free are listed in the Getting Started category. Then it is necessary to know how to install a new add-on or plugin in your WordPress website. This is described in the article How to install a WordPress plugin (new feature). It remains to use this information to find, install, apply and set up the Plugin All In One SEO (simpler) or the most popular second variant of Yoast SEO. Choose one of them and automatically add this plugin to set up everything you need for good SEO optimization of your website.

Backlinks and PR articles

It is advisable to get as many so-called backlinks as possible that lead from someone else's website to yours and, if possible, from a page with a similar theme. This is done simply by pasting the URL ideally on all subpages of the site. In this way, you will get a backlink, and search engines in this case think that a foreign site recommends you. This leads to a better ranking in search results compared to the competition.
Backlinks have slowly lost value, especially from Internet catalogs. Today it is very important to have good content and it should go by itself. I would get backlinks just through PR articles. A PR article offers the possibility of inserting up to three backlinks directly into the text. The text should be original and it is inappropriate to create two PR articles with the same content (each must be unique). The content of the PR article should describe your website, for example, information about what you do, who you are and what you offer. After all, the text is up to you.

I recommend to get a backlink using PR articles to visit and read the article Current list of 13+1 places where to insert PR articles for free (all functional and tested) or use our website and Add PR article. Important advice on how to set up and continue to create your page so that it meets the best practices for better positions in search can be further read in the article What are the basic rules of seo optimization.

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