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How to Manage Multiple Websites and Subdomains in WordPress


MainWP WordPress manager is a powerful tool designed to make it easier to manage multiple websites. The admin panel allows you to manage all your websites from one place. It also allows you to add more pages by selecting different packages. Subdomains can be managed in the same way.

Control directly from the dashboard

With the MainWP WordPress admin, you can connect multiple sites to a centralized dashboard. This makes it easier to manage multiple sites without creating multiple accounts. You can add new pages by selecting the correct package and domain name. All sites are linked together, so changes you make to one site are reflected on all connected sites.

Multiple sites in one

Adding more websites is easy with the WordPress manager MainWP. All you have to do is select the package you want to use and enter your domain name. You’ll see a list of linked websites, allowing you to choose where you want to view your new website. After you add a new site, you can access it from the dashboard by selecting the site from the list. Any changes you make to one website are immediately reflected on all connected websites.

Customize the look

You can customize the appearance of managed sites by selecting which categories you want each site to appear under in the settings menu. This allows you to group your website based on common themes, making it easier to manage the content of your website. After you customize the categories, change all related defaults in the settings menu, and your managed website will appear in the appropriate categories by default.

Great for multi-WordPress owners

The MainWP WordPress Manager is a powerful tool that makes it easy to manage multiple WordPress sites from one place. You can add new pages by selecting the right package and domain name, and any changes you make will be immediately reflected on the connected website without any extra work. It’s an excellent solution for anyone who manages a large number of WordPress websites!

The plugin is available for download and application in every WordPress administration. You can find it in the »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« category under the name »MainWP Child – Securely Connects Sites«.

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