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How to manage redirects in WordPress


Nowadays, it is important to have a properly redirected website that provides the right content and communicates effectively with users. One of the best tools for simple website redirection is the REDIRECTION plugin for WordPress. This article will introduce you to what the REDIRECTION plugin can do and what its benefits are.

What the REDIRECTION plugin can do

The REDIRECTION plugin is a powerful tool that allows you to easily and quickly redirect web pages. You can create and manage redirects using a simple user interface. The plugin allows creating both permanent redirects (301) and temporary redirects (302). This way, you can manage page redirection after a move, URL change, or any other change in your site’s content.

The plugin also includes other useful features such as 404 error tracking, the ability to import and export redirects, automatically redirect old URLs when ⁢permalinks change, and many more. REDIRECTION is a very intuitive‍ and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows you to have full control over redirects on your website.

Why use‌ Redirection

There are several reasons why you should consider using the REDIRECTION ⁢plugin to redirect your site. First, the plugin is⁢ free and easily available to install directly from the WordPress admin. You don’t have to worry about manually editing ‌files or coding redirects yourself. The plugin offers a clear interface in which you can easily create, manage and delete redirects.

The second reason is to be able to track 404 errors on your website. The REDIRECTION plugin allows you to get an overview of the errors that your users encounter on the website. You can then fix these errors ​and ensure your users don’t lose pages. ⁤The plugin also supports importing ⁢and exporting redirects, which is useful if you want to share or backup redirects between ‌different websites.

What are the benefits of using the plugin?

  • Easy‍ to use: The REDIRECTION plugin is⁤ easy to use even for beginners. With a clear and intuitive interface, you will learn to use the plugin in minutes.
  • Complete control: The plugin gives you complete control over redirects on⁤ your website. You can⁤ easily create, edit and delete redirects according to your needs.
  • Spam protection: The plugin includes anti-spam protection that will help you eliminate unwanted redirects and increase the security of your website.
  • Support and updates: ‍ The REDIRECTION plugin is actively developed and is reliably supported by the developer. You can count on updates and help in case of problems or questions.

Similar plugins like ‌REDIRECTION

  • YOAST SEO: This plugin is primarily known for its search engine optimization features, but it also includes the ability to manage and create redirects.
    SIMPLE 301 REDIRECTS: A simple plugin that allows you to create and manage 301 redirects directly in your WordPress admin.

Installing the plugin directly in the administration

  • Log in to the WordPress admin.
  • Go to the “Plugins” page in the left menu.
  • On the “Plugins” page, click the “Add New” button.
  • Search for the “REDIRECTION” plugin in the search field in the upper right corner.
  • Click the “Install Now” button once to install the plugin.
  • After successful installation, click the “Activate” button to activate the plugin.

Conclusion: The REDIRECTION plugin is a great simple site redirection tool that gives you⁢ complete control over redirects​​ on your site.​​ Its ease of use, useful features, spam protection and developer support make it a great choice for managing redirects in WordPress. ‍If you want to improve your website and ensure that users always find the right content, the Redirection plugin is the right choice.

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