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How to measure traffic including subdomains in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is a valuable website traffic measurement tool that provides detailed information about how users behave on the site. While the basic setup of Google Analytics allows you to track the traffic of the main domain, there is a way to measure traffic including subdomains.​​ This article will show you how to set up traffic measurement including⁤ subdomains using the new version of ⁤Google Analytics 4.

What ‍is ⁢Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an online tool that provides detailed statistics and analysis regarding traffic and user behavior on websites. With Google Analytics, you can get information about the number of visits, average length of visit, ​conversion rate and many other factors that will help you understand how ⁢users ⁤behave on ⁤your​​site.

How to set up traffic measurement including GA4 subdomains

1. First, log in⁢ to your Google ‌Analytics account and⁤ click on “settings” at the bottom left.

2. ‌Select the item “Data Streams”.

3.​ Click on your “Current data stream” and select configure brand settings, then configure your domains. Add more subdomains here and save.

4. Paste the tracking code⁤ on all pages you want to track. It is recommended to use global⁢ code tracking so that you don’t have to copy the code to each page separately. ‌Make sure you‌ are using the correct ⁢ tracking settings for ⁢domains to measure subdomains.

Once the tracking code is installed correctly, Google Analytics will automatically start collecting information from both the main⁤ domain and subdomains.

Conclusion: Google Analytics is a powerful tool to help you analyze your website traffic. If you want to track traffic including subdomains, you can easily set it up with⁢ the new version of Google Analytics 4. The procedure we ⁤described in this article will allow you to get important information about the way users behave on ⁢all your domains and subdomains. Don’t forget to monitor the statistics regularly so that you can optimize your website and achieve better results.

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