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How to relocate your entire WordPress website, including the database

Sometimes it may happen that you want to move your entire website somewhere, including all the content. Instead of having to laboriously copy everything from your WordPress administration, you can use a simple tool that will do everything for you. You download the entire content of the site in a ZIP file, which you then load into the new administration. You can even choose what you want to move to your new WordPress website. It can also be used as a site backup.

Relocating your site to another hosting

Are you tired of your current hosting services? Did you find a cheaper or better option? There is a solution. If you have a website with WordPress content management installed, it’s a piece of cake. Install a new WordPress on your new hosting and install a plugin that uploads all the data of the original website and displays it on your new WordPress. You simply move your data. All you have to do is pull all the content from your original site and then load it onto a new one. Everything from one plugin that you install on your WordPress website.

All content including database

The plugin can copy your entire website or only selected smaller parts of it. You can move everything such as already installed plugins, themes, media files and so on. This also applies to the database, which you can export entirely. Basically, an exact copy of your WordPress website is transferred. This plugin is the best choice for website migration created in WordPress. Indeed, it corresponds to over 300,000 installations carried out in this content management system.

You can find the plugin with web migration function in every administration of your WordPress content management system under the category »Plugins« and »Plugin installation« under the name »WP Migrate Lite«.

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