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How to prevent WordPress site spamming


Spam comments and follow-up messages aren’t just annoying. They are blocked by the Antispam Bee WordPress plugin. Unlike similar plugin solutions, they do not have captchas or send personal data to third parties. Therefore, Antispam Bee is 100% compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Anti-spam algorithm

When enabled, Antispam Bee runs in the background and stops spam when it appears. However, certain parameters, such as keywords, links, or addresses, can also be set for editing in the filter. Because Antispam Bee is based on an algorithm, it can go wrong. Some real comments may be blocked, and in some cases some spam may pass.

German developer

Antispam-Bee was and is actively developed by Plugins Collective – the German-speaking development team when the plugins were acquired by developer Sergej Müller. Antispam Bee uses an algorithm that defines spam based on identified spam. The algorithm can “learn” new spam addresses and spam patterns how it works. This allows you to filter unwanted items more accurately.

Simple installation

Installing Antispam Bee is relatively easy. After downloading it from the official plugin directory, simply activate the WordPress plugin. This completes the basic setup. Unlike similar plugins, Antispam Bee is required – there is no need to connect to external servers using API keys or other accounts on other services such as

The plugin is available for installation in every WordPress administration under the »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation« categories. In this category, you can search for the plugin under the name »Antispam Bee«.

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