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How to protect your WordPress site from malware?


Is your website sufficiently secure from hacker attacks? Now, in this article, we’re going to talk about how to secure your WordPress website from new threats like malicious malware. Simply run a scan to remove the most well-known security threats and scripts completely automatically. Secure your website with a firewall.

Automatic error correction

The plugin will remove errors you have on your website for free and automatically fix them. Adds advanced features to make your site less vulnerable to advanced threats. Do not leave your site to chance and do not wait for the first attack. Secure your website with this plugin with automatic error removal.

Better than data backup

The WordPress site itself without protection is very vulnerable. Countless mistakes can be made in it. The plugin about which I wrote a few lines in this article can finally leave you in peace. A backup of your site can help prevent attacks by throwing your site back to its original state. That may be a thing of the past today. The backup is good, but it does not solve the problem itself. Rather, it delays. Problems with the hacked site can continue to rage. Stop it with this plugin and avoid unnecessary future problems.

You can find the plugin by logging into your WordPress administration in the categories »Plugins« and »Plugin Installation«. With the help of a search, you will find a plugin under the name »Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall«.

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