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How to put a site temporarily down for maintenance


What to do if you need to change something on your site? Try to start maintenance mode and set the website temporarily down. Thanks to the plugin that we will talk about in this article, when maintaining a website, visitors may no longer see errors that give the impression of a malfunctioning website. Easily set up pages out of order so that the visitor can see what is happening.

Simple installation

Just download and install the plugin in your WordPress content management system. After simple setup, you have the option to temporarily shut down the site. You can also choose the appearance of the displayed maintenance report. After the end of maintenance, the site works as it should if your edit is correct and without errors.

End of maintenance countdown

If maintenance mode is activated, only those with sufficient permissions will be able to access the website. Otherwise, the maintenance mode will be displayed, which can be set even with the timer countdown. The visitor will have an overview of when the site will be put back into normal operation.

You can find the plugin for download by searching for plugins in each WordPress administration in the “Plugins” and »Plugin Installation« categories under the name WP Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon.

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